About Harper's Farm Soaps

About Harper's Farm Soaps
When the two little girls in our family were 2 and 4, I made little bath bombs for them - that was my first hand made skin care product. Then family and friends asked for lotions, body butters, bath salts and eventually soap! Were they kidding? I didn't want to make soap, it was too difficult and too expensive.

Later I softened; I would to try to make soap. Each month for a year, I spent $100.00 for supplies, and I watched soap videos and read soap books. Then, when I made my first batch of crock pot soap, it was perfect, and I was hooked. Now the little girls are 7 and 9, and over 300 people have used our Harper's Farm Soaps. Isn't that amazing?

Our mission is to make really good, affordable skin care items in traditional bars & balls of soap and novelty sweet treat formats. We want the average working person to benefit from the restorative and nourishing properties in our customized, all natural, hand made soaps & body products.

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  • Maryland, USA
  • 410-997-8757


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What's the big deal about hand made Soap?

At this point the mixture is still stir-able and additives may be included, i.e., essential or fragrance oil(s), spices, minerals, or soap colorants and an additional butter which is called super fat. These additives are thoroughly blended into the soap mixture and swirled, dropped or poured into a mold, cooled, sliced and allowed to "cure" for

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