Did you know that apples for the skin hydrate, are chocked full of vitamin C and provide uv protection? These are just some of the reasons why we use fresh, liquified, apples in our Apples & Cinnamon soap. Apples: help reduce acne, dark spots & discoloration; they do a good job of toning the skin; reduce puffy eyes and have abundant amounts of elastin and collagen - a powerful anti-aging benefit for mature skin. Then there's cinnamon: with its' anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties; all while providing gentle deep cleansing without stripping.This specialty soap leaves all skin types feeling clean, silky smooth and nourished.

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This website's shipping consists of increasing my prices and offering free shipping. OR, I could personally put in the measurements, weight and shipping costs for each of the 9 regions across the U.S. and do that for each of the 55 items I have on this site. Of course I didn't learn about that until after I had paid a years fee. Therefore, I'll be using the Flat Rate shipping fees from the U.S.Post office. Flat rates are based on the size of the box or envelope. The benefit of this is best when you buy several items. Unfortunately, the best price for shipping 1 bar of soap is $3.85 but 2 bars is $5.10 - again, based on the size of the box or envelope.