This basket is popular with real estate agents, weddings, anniversaries or retirements. There are 18 hand made full size all natural items inside this basket of 24. We gathered popular items to relax her and/or his mind and body as well as calm and soothe tired sore muscles. The bath treats are: A mineral bath, soap parfait, and a facial masque for her. Items for each are bath puffs, a large bar of soap and soap rests, 2 bath bombs with a lip polish, a lip balm and a sleep mask and a bottle of unscented massage oil. We added a bag with 2 detoxifying soaks, as well as with two moisturizing soaks. In the back side of the basket there are 2 soapy cupcakes with 2 more bath balls and additional bath puffs; an 8oz jar of body polish and an 8oz jar of moisturizing body cream, all inside a large 14x14" basket.

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The two extra puffs and cupcakes may be exchanged :