Large 8pc Home Spa Gift Box

This 8pc home spa is the perfect gift for the woman who pampers herself. There is a large bar of Greek yogurt & Aloe soap, a large, luxurious hand & body cream, a large jar of skin polishing sugar scrub, 2 queen size, moisturizing bath soaks, as well as a lip polish and full size lip balm. We've even included a sample of our exfoliating face mask (for normal skin). A $70. value. Choose one sided card for inside box top.

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Often purchasers will ask if a gift card can be included, so this is our version. We think it looks a little nicer*. Since we do the printing we can address any card to any person or group. i.e. a My Dear Friend card may be changed to Dear Mom, Dad, sister, brother, auntie, cousin, Sorror(s), Frat Bro(s), Women's or Men's groups etc. Please email your phone no. for custom coloring and discount prices for groups & disc shipping to one address. *Product info may be on the back of the card.

Graceful Soap
You’ll enjoy this rich, creamy, handmade soap made with Aloe Vera, whole milk Greek yogurt & real Tussah silk that will leave dry or sensitive skin feeling clean, soft, silky smooth & hydrated.
Graceful Detoxifying Soak
Fill tub, drop bath soak into water and submerge yourself into a warm bath hug.Soak away dry or dead skin cells for 10 mins, bathe w/matching soap, rinse. After soaking ador 30 mins and bathing at leat 2-3 time, you're left w/clean, sot, smooth skin and loton is very seldom needed.
Graceful 3 Butter Sugar Scrub
Shower, Rub about a tablespoon full into wet hands and use moderate pressure to apply long, oval strokes to wet, soapy body. Rinse, blot dry and enjoy silky feeling skin.
Graceful Aloe & Shae Lotion
Apply to clean damp or dry skin using long oval strokes to evenly distribute to desired areas. Repeat this penetrating lotion as needed to experience moisturized, soft skin - not greasy skin.