This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or make a purchase from (the “Site”).

General Information

The general information we collect are statistics to let us know how many people from each region purchase from the "Site"; what they purchase and how often they order different items. This helps us predict and prepare for certain times of the year when some items are more popular than others. 

Specific Information

The specific information we collect is only used to expedite your order. For example: your credit card information goes directly to the shopping cart or shipping app where it is processed through that company and is a separate application from the "Site". Other than receiving your Cash App name (when requested), The "Site" has no access to your charging or credit card information. 

When you make a purchase through the "Site", we collect and use “Specific Information” i.e., your name, billing address and/or shipping address, email address, and phone number. Your address is used to print out your shipping label. We also use "Pirate Ship": an app that gives us discounted shipping rates so that you pay the lowest possible shipping costs. We use your email address to send you a tracking number when that order is shipped, and your phone number is gathered in case your package is returned without delivery. 

"Site" Assurance

The "Site" will never collect, sell, lend or give your information/data to any other entity at any time, for any reason. Please know that we at Harpers Farm Soaps honor your trust in the making, packaging and shipping of your items, that is why we treat your personal information as we would want ours to be treated - with appreciation and respect. 

Handcrafted with Pleasure

Being able to make products that people enjoy using makes my heart smile.     

Thank you for helping us grow.