Bath Bomb Cupcakes

More than 1/4 pound of bath bomb & soap cupcake with a swirl topping, that is big enough for an adult bath. Enjoy a relaxing 20 minute soak and a soaping that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Or for 2 kid sized baths: Carefully use a serrated knife to cut from top to bottom, drop 1/2 of the cupcake bottom into 1/3rd tub of warm water, and enjoy the colorful fizzing. When fizzing stops seat child in tub and allow to play for usual length of time. Bathe child with soap topping, rinse & blot dry. Store the other half cupcake in sealed zip top bag, for best results use within 30 days. Avg wt 4 - 4.5 ozs.

  • Category: Bath Sweets - Soaps